June 28, 2021

A quest for consolidation

Is it okay to keep some posts short? I’ve intentionally kept this from becoming a cesspool of small thoughts, but I’d like to entertain the idea of small posts as prompts to be poofed up later. I have loads of ideas sitting in drafts that don’t see daylight because they become deflated over time—created when I was inspired to write but couldn’t make the time and then struck with static impotence upon revisitation.

Spending the week writing on a laptop for work invokes a faint feeling of illness when I attempt to type out personal thoughts on the weekend. But how else? Analog, sure, though the posts would have to be digitized eventually. If only OCR results were scarily accurate instead of plain scary.

To the topic of discussion—I remembered I have old posts on Medium, among other self-publishing outlets, and wish to migrate them here. I’m not sure whether they’re better off deleted or archived privately. Suppose as long as they’re date-stamped, they can do no harm to the progression of my writerly voice as it crawls up the archive, if progression is even noticeable. Nor could properly chronologically-sorted content skew the inconsequential perception of my currently held beliefs any more than that content already does existing externally from this site.

And so the migration begins.

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