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I realize how easy it is to copy and paste words, but I’ve written everything here from the heart—it’s my craft. To go uncredited somewhere would be hurtful.

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One thousand times yes. I’m a big privacy advocate. I used to use Splitbee for simple, anonymous page stats so I could see which posts were most popular, but now that’s gone. I guess it doesn’t really make a difference whether Rusty Rooster was read 1 or 3 times in the past 6 months.

What’s with the dog?

I was tired of updating my profile photo on every capillary of the internet and wanted something consistent to use in the places I knew I wouldn’t visit often or remember to update—somewhat of a digital signature, but not a logo. One day, I scrolled past the dog, and that was it. I don’t know who made her, else I’d give due credit.