March 4, 2021

Howdy world

This is a retro-post from a newsletter once associated with a previous email address I’d been using. Uploading here for archival purposes so it’s not lost when I stop paying for the old address.

How are ya? It’s me, ███. This barebones newsletter service released today as part of my new email sanctuary—HEY.

I’m comfy on my personal blog, ███.com, but it’s not suitable for notifying my minuscule readership of new posts. I sent something out from Substack once or twice but even that is too cumbersome for someone not [actively] trying to monetize their content.

Suppose this would work better, but there’s no way to carry over my mailing list and I’d hate to bug people to resubmit their emails, especially when I’m not posting consistently and just want to give folks a friendly nudge from time to time who’d maybe like to peruse my musings.

Not much else to say here yet. I’ll give a think about whether it’s worth trying to move over from Substack—perhaps if I decide to pick up regular posting again. Been in a lull.

With love,

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