February 6, 2022

Ray spotting

Burning daylight in the rambunctious underground rat hole. Squeezing cheese between teeth an swiping whiskers with microfiber. Artificial candle light licks dry eyes and withering thighs whip against wood grain chair seat. Billow blankets on unmade bed unlaid in with love twists. Fuzz fill the air, soften lungs and settle on coffee cup. Fill table book stack instead of books back to back with letter-shaped pen scrapes. Take a mad nap with a burlap sack stained with generated heat. Battle the bold outside winds wrapping tentacles of air into infinite curls between Twin Peaks perked up with the wealth of a hundred capital-craving captains of some unimaginative industry. Blend mold-bearing manuscripts of nature. Take tote bag out an open its folds to tug at the sun strings sapping from above. Suck in the entirety of every corona blast the size of Olympus Mons volcanic bursts down to match-stick miracles flicked on with a finger switch. The light is yours now!


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