November 10, 2020

Same dessert

Cookie pillow brigade, chocolate clip artillery raid
Sergeant Major General Mills
Jeff Flake runnin’ reels on Arizona ice picks
ICE rink I think I pick the dreamer
Copper glutamine mattress topper, top this
Sleep quality topless, top-down, bottoms-up beat malady
Trick or treat tragedy

Arthur Conan Doyle in flip flops freakin’ out
Feeling’ loud with pants down
Flapjack stack got a bullet hole in it
Ring toss round Sherlock’s home grown Holmes cock
Home spun spun gold toupee
Take a break

Sergeant Major General Mills form a left flank barricade
Bar code lymph node is itching
Head over to Doctor Zed an’ watch him doing brain surgery on Joel Osteen
Watch Lazarus rise and fall into a rip tide
Rip a bong, bonk his head on the entrance of a right angle water slide
Slip down second death sing-a-long hold your breath
Pick a porcelain mug at the Bed Bath Beyond Burger
Badlands chug it down lengthwise have a hammerhead hangover

Who’s a wreck? What’s a wreck? Who Trebek?
I mean Who is Trebek?”
Ramshackle Shackleton seasoned with allspice an’ cloves
Clint Eastwood Rob Lowe Bob Reddy shrimp bobby pickle fritter
Penguin doesn’t taste good on the stove
Get rich carefully, care for me
Candle rose petals and curry


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