This page is an experiment in literary cinema of the mind. Start the audio provided and read along in parallel, allowing visuals to form in the flora of your open consciousness. Ride it out on a camera dolly across an endless elegiac movie set.

I don’t claim any music linked here unless otherwise mentioned. If you enjoy, support the artists somehow. Apologies for using YouTube. I turned on privacy-enhanced mode in the embeds which won’t send any visitor info about you to Google unless/until you play the video. In case you also oppose G’s overreach, you can catch the song title + artist and look it up elsewhere.

Oh, and I’m a slow reader too. If the audio ends before you finish reading, try looping or dialing down the playback speed. Lavish in it.


An undisclosed island. He was on paradise, enclosed. Clothed in sand-lined pockets sewn onto sand-colored pants…

Accompanied by Lambert—In In