August 26, 2023

Takes two to Dento

Sitting at Dento on Folsom Street with Katya.


Just spent an hour swapping over from ███.com to It was a redirect, now it’s direct.

Notice the fingerprints on the iPad screen. A past me would have suffered without them buffed out immediately. Today’s me doesn’t mind as much. She actually kinda likes them there. Same with the occasional scratch or dent.

Katya got me a flawless notebook from Community Thrift yesterday. It’s called Moon Lists, Volume 2. I’ll share the first entry later when I have a chance to scan it.

We’re hoping to go to Yosemite for the first time this coming week. Logistics look like hell—who knew a walk in the park would be so complicated? It’s not so bad, but I’d rather just hop in a rental and watch the scenery unfold than think through which is the best place to stay, where to get food, when to wake up to beat the crowd, which are the best trails… it’s just a bit overwhelming. It can be difficult to accept a trip for what it turns out to be rather than trying to finesse every detail. There’s something about getting your time and money’s worth, but that starts to get overshadowed by the stress of planning. I’m trying too hard to relax. Or to optimize my impending relaxation. Fuck optimization.

Here’s my cat1 post-spelunk into a cup of yogurt.


I meant to write about something else but I completely forgot what that something was to be. I should take better notes.

As I say to my fuzzy son (pictured above), see you villian.

  1. His name is Pepper. He’s frequently misgendered, but that’s okay. Maybe he got into my estrogen supply. Or it somehow wafts around the house. What if you put Estradiol cypionate in an oil diffuser? Better yet, a Muji diffuser.↩︎

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