March 27, 2021

Expiration, liberation

This is a retro-post from a newsletter once associated with a previous email address I’d been using. Uploading here for archival purposes so it’s not lost when I stop paying for the old address.

About to head off on a run. Second of the spring. It’s 14C. Lumy let me know it’ll be golden hour soon and I want to lap up those sweet honey rays. I’ll be listening to a foreign policy podcast. Wish I could zoom on until I reached some unknown destination, shower there and bed down in somewhere other than the place I’ve been the past however long it’s been. Must be nice to break free from the loop. That’s why I’ve been eyeing up the PCT for years now. Until then, I’ll hit this loop. Be right back.

I’m back. Been back. It’s been a few runs since that first bit. All sweet, soon to be soupy sweet in the summer heat. Topless jogs take you back to caveman days. Wind against your chest, sweat licks flicking off your fingertips. Expiration, liberation.

I know I’ve lost listeners moving here from Substack, so I’ll stick to talking text for my own sake. Deciding what to share and when to conceal. How do you decide your own divide between public and private? A trap I’d like to avoid is turning a newsletter into a congealed Twitter account. Gotta underprepare to overshare.

My most recent” newsletter Is this thing on? was sent out January 8, 2020. I recapped recent writings in a section called Latest reads. Since then, I’ve written 15 posts. Here’s a brief bit on each. I read the titles now and forget what they’re about, so it’s a nice reflection.

  1. Lose yourself | How to land when you’re lost on purpose.
  2. Golf Shack | A simple poem written summer 2014 when I worked handing out clubs.
  3. Around the sun | My threefold constitution for 2021. Doubling down on the first one.
  4. A glimpse at Orville | An attempt at a horror short story.
  5. 25 | Turned a quarter century. How does it feel? How did it / will it feel for you?
  6. Same dessert | Brother and I have been listening to Milo. A rap inspired by his.
  7. Straps that stand out | Overdue post on sponsored watch straps. Kevin Littrell shot photos.
  8. Happiness | Audio-assisted reading on a moment in Bali when I was very alone.
  9. Stubble Cigar | Long overdue review of a wooden razor handle I was given. Photos by Kev.
  10. Congestion | Guess I got stuck and tried to lube the knot with words.
  11. Frank had a small TV | Character study inspired by a letter by Sol LeWitt.
  12. Secret Project | Sharing a bit I wrote to prove chops to someone interested in collaboration.
  13. Rock-solid Marketing | Quasi-case study on a marketing campaign I put together.
  14. Motivation | A structureless piece about finding structure to keep you going.
  15. Copy is terrible | Think about last time you whole-assed something.

Been keeping busy. Learning to pick locks. Formed a copywriting agency. Studying for my motorcycle permit. Adopted Aretha Franklin.

Me & Reth

See that stripe-lined blanket? That’s the first bedding I ever owned. When I was a child. It’s an embarrassing reminder that as soon as I’m juiced up with the vaccine, I need to get the fuck out. I miss the world.

Just finished reading Matthew McConaughey’s Greenlights and damn am I envious. It’s well written—a surefire page turner. Puts things in perspective. That someone could write a book as a side-gig to their already earned success. Makes the pursuit of a career in writing feel void. I recommend the book though! If you can put aside the dissonance of a man trying to lay down truths who struggles to portray a balance of luck and hardship in a life of luxury. It’s easy to be introspective when the tab’s taken care of.

The birds are chirping outside again. Windows beg to be open. I’m slowly closing out stock gains to learn more before I invest this time. It’s been seven years of bullish bullshit luck. Conservatively risky. Been back to the ATM in a casino one time ever—can’t fool me twice.

Staying off coffee if I get less than 6.5 hours of sleep, otherwise religious consumption. Walking with binoculars. Earning blisters breaking in Red Wings.

Found the method for a mad perfect hardboiled egg: add vinegar and salt to the water. Lifting weights and protein shakes. Not sure they make a difference. Still haven’t finished Walden.

How have you been?

It helps the hubris to journal in public. I work in tech but don’t know how to dev. So when people say they’re building their thing in public, I want to tag along. Build my thing. Maybe it’s this new agency. About time I entered uncharted territory. It’s the only place I’m at peace.

Until next time,

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